Baltic Textiles
The leading textile wholesaler in Baltics since year 1994

About us 

SIA “Baltic Textiles” is a Latvian-German joint venture, founded in 1994. Baltic Textiles is currently the largest wholesaler of textiles in the Baltics. Baltic Textiles partner is GmbH AB Holding, which consists of Atair Group. The holding includes textile companies in Macedonia and Serbia, several companies, such as GmbH Atair, which is one of the largest manufacturers of women's socks and tights in Europe. Since 1994, Baltic Textiles has been providing the Baltic region with quality and popular brands of women's, children's, men's socks and tights, such as Otto Kern, Camel Active, Bugatti, Tom Tailor and others. , which are supplied from the production facilities of our cooperation partners. Baltic Textiles also provides the region with a wide range of textiles, including home textiles, women's and men's underwear, socks, etc.

If necessary, the product is purchased from Asian and Middle Eastern manufacturers.